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          Insist Customer is God Service tenet
          wiag fat molding

          Wing Fat (Jiangsu) Molded Fiber Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Wing Fat (Shanghai) Molding Technology Development Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Branch, was completed and put into production in 2013. Located in Dalun Town, Jiangyan District, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, the Company has been registered with 95 million yuan. Mainly providing green and eco-friendly paper-plastic packaging products for various industries, it is a high-quality supplier of world-renowned electronic products manufacturers.

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          Wing Fat provides a comprehensive solution
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            Advanced technology

            Degradable Our products are made of natural plant fibers other than trees such as bamboo pulp and sugar cane pulp. They are naturally degraded after use before they are back to nature.

            Green & Eco-friendly The raw materials can be regenerated, and no harmful substances are used or generated during production. The products can be recycled after use, which are environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

            Professional Team

            Guided by core technology in the past one hundred years, the Company has been staffed with a first-class team capable of customization, integrated design and high-efficiency response. Exclusive workshops will be arranged for production to provide “thoughtful” services.

            Integrated Solutions

            Wing Fat is committed to providing customers with one-stop solutions covering material research and development, product design, packaging engineering, color management, customer brand management and services, JIT delivery management, packaging optimization, and third-party procurement.

          • Advanced technology
          • Professional Team
          • Integrated Solutions
          Focus on customers, forge ahead, focus on the industry, the dissemination of value
          • Company news
          • Industry Information
          • Social responsibility
            • Address: Qiaodong Village, Dalun town, Jiangyan district, Taizhou, China

            • Operator:0523-88515980

            • Human Resources Hotline:15052321922

            • Web:www.realfurmall.com

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